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Hiring a professional home inspector when you’re about to buy a new house is typically something most home owners do without a second thought. After all, you want to ensure that unexpected costs or repairs don’t suddenly appear after you’ve closed the deal. But have you also ever considered getting a professional mold inspector to sweep your house?

Typically, a mold inspector is only ever called when you smell something off or have actually found mold in your home. However, mold isn’t always visible to the naked eye, especially if it’s hiding behind walls or plywood. Which means in a new home, you wouldn’t know until later.

Eco Abate Inc. explains why you should hire a mold inspector before you buy a new house:

What happens during a mold inspection?

A mold inspector will come to the house and look for places where mold tends to grow. An inspector will be able to tell where and why there is mold growth. If it’s a matter of moisture or previous water damage, the inspector will be able to tell you so you can properly bring in a mold removal expert. An inspector may also take air samples to test whether or not there are mold spores in the air. While not all mold is dangerous, a mold inspector will also be able to identify the type of mold, if any should be found. You can also learn about telltale signs there might be mold in your home, for future reference.

A mold inspection will provide peace of mind and assurance in your new home

Investing in a new home is a major financial decision, which is why many people hire a home inspector to make sure everything is in proper order. But you also want to make sure your health is secure and avoid a minor mold problem developing into something more serious. If an inspection does reveal something, then you can assess how serious it is and deal with it right away. If an inspection confirms your home is safe however, then you are already on the right track with continuing to keep your home mold free. When it comes to any inspection, it’s always better to be safe now, than sorry later.

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