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Hi Friends! This is Kristin from Postbox Designs Interior E-Design, I’m an Interior Designer but I’m also a mama to three. I believe kid’s spaces need to be both functional and FUN: functional so it will work for its intended use and fun so the kiddos will actually use it!

1. Keep it Simple

Unless you want to be constantly tidying up your kid’s study space, make your kid’s desk homework station super simple and user-friendly! This simple desk with a painted pegboard allows for easy decor changes. It can be used to display kids’ artwork or tack up their sports schedule. Add in the painted Ikea spice racks to store notebooks and papers or to organize craft supplies.

2. Vertical Space is your BFF.

Often, kids’ work areas must fit in a small space. Use the vertical space to double or even triple the function. Below, the low shelf keeps craft supplies organized and the patterned cork board displays  kids’ artwork. Additionally, the vertical cabinet with it’s combination of open and closed storage allows kids easy access to the open shelves while the closed drawers keep the look clean and tidy.

3. Personalize the Space

If you have the room, create a different “station” for each child. Here in the homework center of my house, each child has their own station. If your homework space is limited, assign a drawer, special tray or cubby to each child or create a caddy for each child that can be stored away when not in use.

4. Use Budget-Friendly Accessories

When designing for kids’ spaces, use a mix of durable pieces that will withstand use and inexpensive pieces that won’t break the bank if ruined. This kid’s study space and activity center is composed of Ikea parts! The desk cabinets, top, and shelf are all Ikea budget-friendly yet are durable and easy-to-clean. Add in some fun pops of color like the yellow lights and turquoise door and the kids will be naturally drawn to the space.

5. Keep it FUN

Practical and organized kids’ spaces are good, but fun and bright colors, patterns, and themes automatically make a space more attractive to kids. While the desk above showed bright pops of color, the double homework desk below creates a fun atmosphere with neutral colors. The soft colors of the vintage schoolhouse light fixture, wall decor and desks are offset by the bright colored items.

This post was written by Kristin from Postbox Designs Interior E-Design. You can find the original post below:

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